Title: The Pilot
Air date : 05 Aug 2003
Synopsis: 'The O.C.' opens with bad-boy Ryan Atwood, finding himself in trouble- in trouble with the law, and in trouble at home. Against all odds, pro-bono public defender, Sandy Cohen, takes Ryan under his wing, and back to his home in Newport Beach, Orange County, California. Ryan finds himself immersed in this high-class society but soon realizes nothing is as it seems.
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Title: The Model Home
Air date : 12 Aug 2003  
Synopsis: Afraid he'll be seen to another foster home, Ryan ponders running away from theCohen's. Supporting his new friend, Seth helps Ryan hide in one of Kirsten's unfinished housing developments. But trouble might be coming if Luke and his friends find out Marissa is there too.
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Title: The Gamble
Air date : 19 Aug 2003  
Synopsis: Sandy must once again represent an incarcerated Ryan after his arrest for the model home fire. After he is released, Ryan and Sandy continue to search for his mother, Dawn, and Ryan is faced with the prospect of his mother re-entering his life. With few choices before him, he agrees to give Dawn a second chance and accepts her promises to change when she appears at the Cohen house.
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Title: The Debut  
Air date : 26 Aug 2003
Synopsis: The Cohens agree to be Ryan's guardians as long as he stays out of trouble, which could be a problem since Marissa's deb ball is looming and Luke is no longer the only escort option in town. Meanwhile, Jimmy's crimes begin to catch up with him, leading to a public---and very violent---revelation.
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Title: The Outsider
Air date : 02 Sept 2003  
Synopsis: Ryan gets a job at the Crab Shack, where he meets Donnie, a fellow outsider with a connection to his past. He invites him and Seth to a party in the "old neighborhood." Ryan is reluctant, but Seth likes Donnie's anti-Newport style and is eager to see life outside the O.C. Ryan had finally asked Marissa out but the date is the same night as the party. Meanwhile, Sandy offers to assist Jimmy with his legal affairs.
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Title: The Girlfriend  
Air date : 09 Sept 2003
Synopsis: Sandy is faced with the truth about the Cohen marriage during a visit from Kirsten's father and his trophy girlfriend, whose eye for Ryan could throw cold water on his simmering fling with Marissa. Meanwhile, Jimmy and Julie seal the fate of their own shaky family; Summer finally sees Seth's sweet side; and Luke's positive new attitude pays off in ways he's only dreamed of.
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Title: The Escape  
Air date : 16 Sept 2003
Synopsis: Sandy entertains a job offer from a former colleague. Kirsten finds herself in a compromising with Jimmy in his new apartment.Meanwhile, Ryan, Marissa, Seth and Summer share close quarters on a road trip to Tijuana. The tension between Ryan and Marissa is undeniable. Marissa learns about her parents' divorce and in Mexico, learns the truth about Luke.To cope with all of this Marissa makes a potentially deadly decision...
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Title: The Rescue
Air date : 29 Oct 2003
Synopsis: Kirsten helps Ryan register at Pacific Harbor Private School with muchdebate. While Seth and Summer enlist Ryan help in a emergency involving Marissa but it might mean he has to attend public school...
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Title: The Heights
Air date : 05 Nov 2003
Synopsis: The summer is officially over and it's the first day of school. Summer still ignores Seth in public, but privately is jealous of Seth's new relationship with Anna. Kirsten still isn't comfortable with Sandy's friendship with his new co-worker, Rachel. Back at school Marissa and Ryan are becoming closer, but Luke is still desperate to get Marissa back...
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Title: The Perfect Couple
Air date : 12 Nov 2003
Synopsis: Ryan and Marissa's first date is derailed after he realizes Julie's efforts to reunite with her family may come with strings attached. Next door, Kirsten's marriage is rocked by her dad's loose lips during arbitration with Sandy and his co-worker; and Seth sees the softer, more jealous side of Summer, thanks to the mounting attentions of Anna. 
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Title: The Homecoming
Diffusion: 19 Nov 2003
Synopsis: It's Thanksgiving time in 'The O.C.', and the Cohens, with Ryan, are preparing their feast. Trey, Ryan's brother, calls with a favour to ask. The Cohens have invited Jimmy and Rachel over for dinner, and are planning for the two to get to know each other. Ryan and Marissa arrive in Chino, where Marissa gets a glimse of Ryan's past...
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Title: The Secret
Air date : 26 Nov 2003 
Synopsis: Anna and Summer are still upset with how Seth acted over the holiday and Seth is struggling to make it up to them. Meanwhile, Julie is looking for commitment from Caleb, but when Caleb is honest about what he can offer, the couple decides to take a break. When Ryan and Luke become partners in a history project, an astonishing revelation creates an alliance between them. 
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Title: The Best Chrismukkah Ever  
Air date: 03 Dec 2003 
Synopsis: Seth has combined both Hannukah and Christmas into his own, perfect holiday called Chrismukkah. It looks like this holiday season is going to be another smashing success until Summer and Anna force him to choose between them. Ryan won't have to watch his mom drink this holiday season, but Marissa is having problems coping with her family situation and turns to alcohol to drink the holiday away...
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Title: The Countdown  
Air date : 17 Dec 2003 
Synopsis: It's sure to be a countdown to remember when Kirsten's rebellious sister Hailey comes to town. Marissa gets invited to Oliver's New Year's shindig and since Ryan doesn't want to come it seems they are going to spend new year's eve appart. Meanwhile Kirsten and Sandy go to a very special party...And as the clock ticks closer towards midnight, Ryan hopes that he can make it to Marissa in time for their first New Year's kiss together.
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