Title: The Third Wheel
Air date : 07 Jan 2004
Synopsis: Seth finally has chosen between Anna and Summer, but how does he tell the one he didn't choose? Ryan is trying to understand Oliver, but still feels uncomfortable about Oliver's relationship with Marissa. When the gang heads to a concert together, Oliver is placed in a trying, legal situation. Will Ryan help him out of it? Three's a crowd!
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Title: The Links
Air date : 14 Jan 2004
Synopsis: Sandy and Jimmy decide to go into business, while Caleb puts Hailey out of business by shutting off her cash flow. Seth and Anna anticipate spending some time alone as Summer and Luke bond over being single. Ryan and Marissa's disagreement about Oliver reaches new heights when Oliver claims he tried to kill himself. He survived, but can Ryan and Marissa's relationship make it through the ordeal?
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Title: The Rivals
Air date : 21 Jan 2004
Synopsis: Sandy and Jimmy buy a restaurant; Julie irks Kirsten by becoming the new model-home designer at the Newport Group; Seth is jealous of Summer's new boyfriend; Ryan is out to expose Oliver.
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Title: The Truth
Air date : 11 Feb 2004
Synopsis: Abandoned by the gang for attacking Oliver, Ryan makes an unlikely ally to help him dig up the truth about Mr. Trask, whose increasingly scary behavior leads to a life-or-death crisis for Marissa. Meanwhile, Julie finds a surprising source of comfort after Caleb dumps her; and Anna reaches her boiling point over the chemistry between Seth and Summer.
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Title: The Heartbreak
Air date : 18 Feb 2004
Synopsis: Marissa tries to mend her relationship with Ryan, but he can't forgive her for the situation with Oliver. Things become even more complicated when Theresa, Ryan's ex from Chino, arrives to cater the Valentine's Day dance. Meanwhile, Seth and Summer decide to take their friendship to a new level, and Jimmy finds out he has a secret admirer in the Cohen house. 
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Title: The Telenovela
Air date : 25 Feb 2004
Synopsis: Ryan and Marissa begin their life together as "friends", but both discoverthat it might be harder to do than to say. Theresa drops into Newport for work, and another visit. Julie and Luke discover the meaning of "booty calls", and Seth and Summer make a declaration. 
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Title: The Goodbye Girl
Air date : 03 March 2004
Synopsis: Anna announces that she is leaving Newport to go back to Pittsburgh, which leaves Seth feeling saddened and guilt-ridden. Legal troubles brew for Caleb and Kirsten while Sandy works to solve them. Luke and Julie's secret romance is getting harder to contain, and Theresa brings a bit of trouble from Chino to the O.C. 
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Title: The L.A.
Air date : 24 March 2004
Synopsis: When actor Grady Bridges invites Summer and Marissa to his birthday party they head to L.A. with Ryan and Seth. Meanwhile in Orange County Jimmy and Sandy present their restaurant to Newport's finest and approach Caleb for some financial help.
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Title: The Nana
Air date : 31 March 2004
Synopsis: The Cohen family prepares for a visit from Sandy's mother. She's comingfor Passover dinner, but Seth wants to make sure she doesn't meet Summer during the festivities. He thinks his “Nana” won't approve of her, but Summer is out to prove him wrong. Meanwhile, Ryan desperately looks for Marissa, who disappeared when she found out about Luke and Julie's affair
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Title: The Proposal
Air date : 14 April 2004
Synopsis: Luke is desperate to explain himself to Marissa, but she isn't ready to speak to him or her mother. But when Luke gets into a near-fatal accident,Marissa and Ryan decide it's time to hear what he has to say. Meanwhile, it's opening night for The Lighthouse. Just prior to opening, Jimmy and Sandy are shocked to find out the liquor license has been denied... Caleb surprises everyone when he proposes to Julie... 
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Title: The Shower
Air date : 21 April 2004
Synopsis: It's Julie's wedding shower and Marissa will make it a day to remember! Meanwhile Ryan's world is turned upside down when Theresa returns with some shocking news and Seth is meeting Summer's daddy!
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Title: The Strip
Air date : 28 April 2004
Synopsis: The boys head to Vegas for Caleb's bachelor party. But does Caleb have more than drinking and strippers planned? And will Sandy and Jimmy let that stand? In the meantime in Orange Country, a reluctant Kirsten has to plan Julie's bachelorette party.
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Title: The Ties That Bind
Diffusion: 05 May 2004
Synopsis: It's Julie and Caleb's wedding day and it's going to be a day to remember for more than the blushing bride since this is only the tip of the iceberg as everyone's lives are forever changed!
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