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10 April 2005
First of all, welcome to this site about the wonderful TV Show The O.C. 
For those who don't know the site yet : you can find a lot of things on this site : lots of pictures, information about the TV show and its actors, news, quotes, transcripts and so much more!

Sorry for the HUGE lack of updates lately but I've been (and still am!) soooo busy!!! Speaking of which, if some of you feel like helping me out, it would be really great!! Indeed ... >> more

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October 14th

The VIDEO section is finally up, sorry it took me so long! You can check it out here. There are only a few videos right now but there are more to come, so keep checking. I also added 18 new season 3 promo pics.

October 08th

The News section has been updated. Have a look !

October 06th

Summary, Pictures, quotes & Music for episode 3.04 "The Last Waltz "

October 04th

Pictures update (+105 pictures) ; INFO : next new episode November 3rd.

September 29th

Summary, Pictures, quotes & Music for episode 3.03 "The End of Innocence" + quotes for episode 3.02 "The Shape of Things to Come"

Next new episode on FOX/CTV

Episode 3.05 : "The Perfect... " Airing : 03 November 2005

Julie lives in some low rent motel. Marissa is still at Summer's. Julie will look for a new place to stay. Sandy and Kirsten accompany Ryan at Harbor High as he goes from booth to booth to hear Universities and Colleges sweet talk him in studying at their institution.


Summer : Look, we can't control the future, right? So how do we deal? I mean, we can do what my step-mother does and take lots of painkillers to numb ourselves from the reality that life is, well, random, unfair and ultimately meaningless.

Seth : There's another option, right?

Episode 3.01 - The Aftermath

Have a look...
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