PART 1  
Title: The Aftermath
Air date : 08 Sept 2005
Synopsis: It has been a couple of months since the shooting. Trey has been in a coma all this time leaving the D.A. impatiently waiting for his side of the story. Feeling the pressure from the community the D.A. continues to put pressure on Ryan, Marissa, Seth, Summer and others for more information. Meanwhile Julie is steaming mad because Caleb's accountant won't give up the goods on Caleb's will and Kirsten is still in rehab.
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Title: The Shape of Things to Come
Air date : 15 Sept 2005
Synopsis: Social Chair owner Marissa tries to plan this year's carnival but is having much difficulty due to a little pest named Taylor. Sandy is surprised to find Kirsten has been released from rehab but instead of informing him, she has been living with another woman named Charlotte, by which she met in rehab. Julie and Sandy meet with the Dean and Dr. Kim to discuss Ryan and Marissa's future at Harbor High.
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Title: The End of Innocence
Air date : 22 Sept 2005
Synopsis: Caleb's will is finally read and Jimmy must make once more the difficult decision to leave or stay with his family; Kirsten returns to the Cohen household while Charlotte has to leave her house; Marissa and Ryan face a possible separation; Taylor lords over the school musical and makes Summer and Seth her stooges.
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Title: The Last Waltz
Air date : 29 Sept 2005
Synopsis: Marissa adjusts to attending a public school and makes some new friends. Julie's mansion is repossessed, leaving her with nothing. Kirsten and Sandy take the decision to sell the Newport Group. Summer organizes the "end of summer's dance" but Taylor takes all the credit for it...
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