Title: The Distance
Air date : 04 Nov 2004
Synopsis: With the end of summer quickly approaching, tension fills the air in THE O.C. The Cohen family is desperate to convince Seth to return home. Meanwhile in Chino, Ryan is working construction while a pregnant Theresa waits at home. In Newport Beach Summer is finding ways to deal with Seth's disappearance, Marissa is distancing herself from the world and masking her problems by reverting to old habits. 
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Title: The Way We Were
Air date : 11 Nov 2004 
Synopsis: Now that Ryan and Seth have returned to Newport, its time to get back to school. The boys reunite with their former girlfriends but it becomes apparent that things will not be going back to the way they were. Caleb's legal troubles catch up with him, and Hailey has bad news for Jimmy. 
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Title: The New Kids On The Block
Air date : 18 Nov 2004 
 Seth gets some help from Alex to prove that his friends don't know him as well as they think. Meanwhile, at school, Ryan finds himself embarrassed and frustrated after a run-in with new classmate Lindsay. Caleb puts Julie at the head of the Newport Group. 
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Title: The New Era  
Air date : 02 Dec 2004
Synopsis: Ryan and Seth go on an awkward double date to see The Killers perform in concert, with unexpected results. Meanwhile, Julie finds herself overwhelmed by her new role at the Newport Group and, as usual, is forced to turn to Kirsten for help.
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Title: The SnO.C.
Air date : 09 Dec 2004 
Synopsis: It's the SnO.C. , the winter dance. Ryan wants to go to the dance with Lindsey and Seth expects Alex to go with him but since none of them want to go Seth and Ryan find themselves going to the dance with their ex-girlfriends Summer and Marissa. Meanwhile Sandy finds out Caleb's secret... 
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Title: The Chrismukkah That Almost Wasn't 
Air date : 16 Dec 2004
Synopsis: It's Chrimukkah, Seth's favourite holiday. But as Seth wants to convert the whole world to Chrismukkah an awful revelation spoils the holiday. Hopefully Summer is determined not to cancel Chrismukkah and does her best to save it. 
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Title: The Family Ties
Air date : 06 Jan 2005
Synopsis: After Caleb's confesssion, The Cohens try to welcome Lindsay as part of the family. Jimmy is faced with a choice when Marissa finds out about his relationship with his ex-wife, Julie. Seth attempts to be a "bad boy" like Ryan to impress Alex. Summer finds out what Zach did on his Christmas break while Ryan and Lindsay want to know if it is too awkward for them to be together.
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Title: The Power of Love
Air date : 13 Jan 2005
Synopsis: When Sandy forgets his and Kirsten's 20th wedding anniversary, he finds himself going to a lot of trouble to make it up to her. Seth and Ryan's respective relationships with Alex and Lindsay add to the trouble, and doubt falls upon their futures together. Marissa and Julie continue to butt heads over DJ, and Summer wants to take her relationship with Zach to the next level.
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Title: The Ex-Factor
Air date : 20 Jan 2005
Synopsis: Seth is thrown when Alex's Ex arrives in town for a visit, and is even more thrown when he finds out who it is. Julie has a plan to try and save The Newport Group, which to everyone's surprise, might actually work. Lindsay sticks out when she joins Summer and Marissa for a girls night out; meanwhile, Ryan, Seth and Zach contemplate playing it safe on a guys night in. But nothing ever goes as planned.
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Title: The Accomplice
Air date : 27 Jan 2005
Synopsis: Things heat up between Sandy and Kirsten when Sandy decides to help his mentor in law school find his daughter, Rebecca, whom was Sandy's first love. Seth and Zach start up a comic book based on their lifes in Newport, while Summer questions why she's been left out. Ryan makes the attempt to unite Lindsay and Caleb after Lindsay tells Ryan she is curious in getting to know her "new" father.
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Title: The Second Chance
Diffusion: 03 Feb 2005
Synopsis: Kirsten arranges a dinner so that Lindsey can get to know her father, but soon Ryan and Caleb butt heads and it results in Caleb having a stroke. Sandy keeps Rebecca's presence in Newport a secret from Kirsten after deciding to take her case to court. Marissa and Alex's relationship intensifies, while Seth and Summer spend a lot of time together at Zach's insistence
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Title: The Lonely Hearts Clubs
Air date : 10 Feb 2005 
Synopsis: It's Valentines Day in O.C. when Sandy and Kirsten's conflict about Rebecca continues. Ryan tries to make peace with Caleb to spend Valentines Day with Lindsay. While Seth, Zach, and Summer head to San Diego in hope to make their Comic Book idea succeed Seth has a breakdown and ends up in a lonely state. Marissa and Alex take a step forward in their relationship...
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Title: The Test 
Air date: 17 Feb 2005 
Synopsis: As Sandy continues working on Rebecca's case, Kirsten questions how strong their feelings are for one another. Seth continues his downward spiral in the aftermath of Zach and Summer's Valentine's night together, while Marissa confronts her fear about her relationship with Alex. Caleb offers Lindsay a place in his family, but not without a paternity test.
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Title: The Rainy Day Women  
Air date : 24 Feb 2005 
Synopsis: It's a rainy day in Newport where Lindsay decides to take the DNA test and makes a difficult choice regarding her life with Caleb while Ryan helps her through it. Sandy still wants to help Rebecca with her case and tries to convince her not to run again. Meanwhile, Seth thinks he's lost Summer forever until Summer is unable to hide from her feelings once and for all.
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