Episode 3.01 - The Aftermath


A bloody Trey is rushed into the ER followed by Seth, Summer and a bruised and disoriented Ryan. Police attempt to interrogate Ryan but he isn't responding. When they turn their attention to Marissa, Ryan yells at her to keep her mouth shut. Then he faints.

Then Ryan wakes from a terrible nightmare. Only it wasn't a nightmare. The summer has passed with a dark cloud hanging over Newport. Trey is still in a coma, and Ryan is still reliving the night of the shooting.

Deputy District Attorney Caldwell pays the Cohens a visit. The D.A.'s office is under a lot of pressure from the community to prosecute. Sandy reminds Caldwell that there's nothing to prosecute since Marissa is protected under Defense of Others. And Caldwell reminds Sandy that Marissa isn't the one they're going after. Ryan's the one with the history of violence and the D.A. isn't buying his statement. Besides, nobody's going to believe that Caleb Nichol's daughter blew away an ex-con.

At the Suriak Rehab Center, Kirsten is praised in group therapy for her progress. She shares that she turned to alcohol because of her father. She was living his life, not her own. She did everything to please him, but it was never enough. Dr. Woodruff believes that Suriak's work is done. It's time for Kirsten to go home.

Back at home, Caldwell interrogates Ryan and Seth. Apparently the D.D.A. thinks they may remember things differently now but the guys are sticking to their original story. Ryan confronted Trey and he pulled a gun on him. Caldwell wants to know why Ryan's fingerprints were on the gun. Because he put the safety on so it wouldn't go off again. He wasn't exactly thinking clearly. Then Caldwell goes for the jugular, “You went to Trey's house that night to kill your brother, didn't you, Mr. Atwood.” Ryan has no response.

Julie and Jimmy are on the veranda at the Nichol mansion preparing for the arrival of the prosecutor. Julie hopes Marissa takes her advice and doesn't admit to shooting Trey. Jimmy reminds her that it's a little late for that since Marissa's already confessed. Julie maintains that she wasn't in her right mind at the time. She was protecting her boyfriend. That's what they're going with anyway. And by that, Julie means they're going to let Ryan take the fall. Jimmy attempts a protest but is no match for his ex-wife.

Ryan and Seth visit a comatose Trey in the ICU. As they're walking out the door, one of Trey's fingers twitches. Then his eyes open. But nobody's there to see it. Later that day, Ryan and Seth are playing video games when they get the call from the hospital. Trey's awake.

Back at the country club, uh, rehab center, one of the women from Kirsten's group therapy introduces herself, empathizes with Kirsten's “father issues” and invites her to have coffee. Sandy arrives and asks Kirsten when she's planning on coming home. A wave of anxiety washes over Kirsten's face and she tells Sandy she'll have to talk to Dr. Woodruff first, see if she's even eligible.

Julie is attempting to coerce Caleb's estate attorney into revealing the contents of the will and exactly how many millions she should be expecting, when she receives the “Trey's awake” call.

Meanwhile, in an attempt to redeem what's left of summer, the gang heads out to sea in Jimmy's sailboat. They frolic on a secluded beach then return to reality.

Julie shows up at the hospital looking for Trey when the ICU nurse explains that visiting hours are long over. Julie proceeds to introduce herself as Julie Cooper-Nichol, as in the Nichol wing of the hospital, which they happen to be standing in right now. Inside Trey's room, Julie makes him an offer he can't refuse. He tells the D.A.'s office that Ryan shot him, not Marissa, and in exchange he gets $20,000 and the opportunity not to be suffocated by the pillow Julie's holding in her hand.

The next day Sandy interrupts Ryan and Seth's TV bonding time with the news that Trey talked to the police and confirmed their suspicion that Ryan shot him. The D.A.'s office gave Sandy a heads up that they'll be issuing a warrant for Ryan's arrest in a few hours.

Seth, Summer and Marissa enter the pool house and discover Ryan packing his getaway ensemble – grey hoodie, wifebeater, canvas knapsack. No one's going to believe him anyway. Marissa takes charge. If Ryan's running away, so are they. Seth and Summer quickly jump on board.

Over coffee, Charlotte warns Kirsten of the perils of leaving rehab before she's ready. Kirsten reminds her that Dr. Woodruff thinks she's ready. Charlotte reminds Kirsten that Dr. Woodruff isn't going to be in her kitchen at three A.M. when she's rummaging through the spice rack for anything with alcohol and starts pounding the vanilla extract. Kirsten confirms that relapse is her worst fear. She doesn't ever want to let down her husband and the boys again.

Sandy returns home to an empty house. The police come by for Ryan but Sandy informs them they're too late.

Meanwhile, the gang has boarded Jimmy's boat and is about to set sail to Mexico, via Catalina, when a half-dozen police cars come screeching into the parking lot. At the police station, Sandy compliments Ryan on doing a great job of looking innocent. The only person who runs is someone who has something to hide. Ryan reminds Sandy about his police record, his history and his family, but Sandy assures him it isn't over yet.

Back at the hospital, Marissa and Summer walk down the corridor dressed in candy striper uniforms, while Seth pushes a cart of books. Marissa enters Trey's room and he asks if she's come to finish the job. Oh, so he does remember who shot him. Trey tells Marissa he's trying to protect her. He apologizes for everything, telling her that he didn't know how to make things right until her mom offered him a way out. Marissa tells Trey she has another way he can make things right.

Sandy meets up with Jimmy for drinks and tells him he's been trying to figure out why Trey would try to frame Ryan. All he can figure is that somebody paid him off. But who would sink that low? Only one name comes to mind. Jimmy can't look him in the eye. Sandy tells Jimmy he's got to make it right but Jimmy wants Sandy to put himself in his shoes. Hmm, Sandy's got a wife in rehab who doesn't want to come home and a kid who's locked up for something he didn't do. Right now Jimmy's shoes are looking pretty good.

Marissa returns home and presents Julie with a copy of Trey's confession, stating that if Marissa hadn't shot him, he would have killed Ryan. The police have a copy as well. Julie tells Marissa she's just dug her own grave. It's a small town and when there's a scandal, no one cares about details like self-defense.

Sandy shows up at the police station and welcomes a free Ryan. What happened? Sandy explains that what happened is that Ryan has a hell of a girlfriend.

At Ryan's request, Sandy drives Ryan to the hospital but Trey's bed is empty. Then they head to the bus stop where Ryan catches Trey's eye in the bus window. They exchange a look of, if not forgiveness, at least understanding, before the bus heads off for places unknown. Then Ryan buries his head in Sandy's shoulder.

A weary Ryan tracks down Marissa at her favorite lifeguard station. She assures him that he's not alone and they'll get through this together. He hopes she's right.

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